Walk In Urgent Care

Affordable Urgent Care in Maryville, TN

NFC offers a wide range of urgent care services, including treatment for acute illnesses, minor injuries, illnesses, and diagnostic screenings. Our team of experienced medical professionals provide compassionate medical care for you and your family. Most of our labs are ~$20 and most of our office visits are only $49. Make an appointment below, or simply walk in!

Common Urgent Care Problems that NFC Treats


Minor Trauma


Migraines & Headaches

Nose bleeds


Sinus Infections

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Ear Infections

Conjunctivitis & Eye Pain

Sore Throat / Pharyngitis

Urinary Tract Infections

Nausea & Vomiting


Did you know?

About 25.3 million Americans do not have health insurance. That’s why we strive to make health care more affordable to our patients. Come in for a visit, no insurance needed.

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Did you know?

In addition to providing affordable health care to Maryville, TN, Neighborhood Family Clinic (NFC) also participates in helping the medically underserved each year in Guatemala.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This FAQ section will help answer questions that you may have about NFC. If there is anything else we can help with, please reach out to us.

What is Neighborhood Family Clinic (NFC)?

Neighborhood Family Clinic is a full service Integrative Medical Family Practice Clinic with the mission of helping all people with health, medical, and wellness concerns.

Millions of Americans are without health insurance, and even more are under-insured. Many of those who are insured face very large deductibles and increasing co-payment costs. Our goal is to provide quality medical care, with a blend of Western Medicine & Traditional or Natural Medicine, at a significantly reduced cost in an effort to meet a growing need.

Patients who have high insurance deductibles of $5,000 or more will need to pay this entire amount, out of pocket, for many of the expensive Emergency Room or Urgent Care for non-critical medical illness or trauma visits.

Our medical clinic offers affordable and accessible office visits for as little as $49.

How much does an office visit cost? ($49)

Neighborhood Family Clinic (NFC) is very proud to be able to offer affordable problem focused office visits for only $49.

If you have ever seen a provider in an insurance focused clinic or hospital, you are well aware that a standard medical visit usually goes for 3-4 times that much.

Never waste time or money again!

Where are you located? (Maryville, TN)

Neighborhood Family Clinic (NFC) is located at 1720 West Lamar Alexander Parkway, Maryville, TN 37801.

We are located on the corner of Robert C. Jackson and West Lamar Alexander Parkway, across from the new Hardee’s (near Denso).

Are walk-in patients welcome? (YES)

While we do recommend that patients call to schedule an appointment (865-617-4663), we are happy to accommodate patients who walk-in with with the first available opening.

What type of services do you offer? (MANY)

Neighborhood Family Clinic (NFC) is a full service Integrative Medical Family Practice Clinic. Our licensed medical clinicians will truly listen to you to hear your concerns and will develop an individualized wellness plan for you.

Neighborhood Family Clinic (NFC) can evaluate and treat THOUSANDS of medical problems including but not limited to:
– Primary & Urgent Medical Care
– Anxiety & Depression
– Weight loss
– Diabetes & Thyroid Conditions
– Migraines, Tension, & Cluster Headaches
– Allergies, Cough, Ear & Sinus Pain
– High Blood Pressure & Cholesterol
– Injuries including cuts & sprains
– Warts & Skin lesions
– School, work, and sports physicals

In addition, Neighborhood Family Clinic (NFC) provides a variety of procedures and treatments including:
– 12-Lead EKG
– Nebulizer Breathing Treatments
– Impacted Ear Wax Removal
– Laceration Repair (Suturing)
– Skin Biopsy
– Orthopedic splinting

Do you offer laboratory blood work? (YES)

Absolutely. We are a full service Integrative Family Practice Medical Clinic that offers VERY inexpensive laboratory testing.

Many of our routine blood and diagnostic tests cost ONLY about $20 each.

Do you see children? (YES)

Absolutely. Our medical clinicians have been trained to take care of pediatric AND adult patients.

Does NFC accept insurance? (No)

Neighborhood Family Clinic is a Direct Primary Care Model that focuses on more high quality personalized care and lower costs. We do not participate with insurance companies including Medicare and Medicaid, and because of this, we can provide you with a significant savings.

Our motto is

No bills, insurance forms, or hassle…..

Simply pay at the time of service!

When is payment due?

Payment is due at the time of service. We accept cash, debit card, or credit card payments.

Is a membership needed? (NO)

Neighborhood Family Clinic is happy to provide medical service to all patients in need without requiring a membership.

For patients in need of a Primary Care Provider (PCP), we are happy to offer an inexpensive monthly membership that costs ONLY $75 and includes MANY additional benefits including:

– NFC as your Primary Care Provider

– Same Day or Next Day Office Visit

– Cardiac ASCVD Assessment

– INCLUDED New Patient Labs (CMP, CBC, UA, Cholesterol Panel)

– INCLUDED Follow-up Labs (CMP, CBC, UA, Cholesterol Panel)

– Annual Examination

– Prescriptions called in to Pharmacy

– Routine Prescriptions sent to Clinic

– 10% off Additional Labs

– 10% off Procedures

– FREE Female Cervical Cancer Screening

– FREE Male Prostate Cancer Screening

– Unlimited number of Prescriptions

– Referrals to Specialists

– FREE Appointment Cancellations

– FREE Monthly B-12 Injections (Increases energy & combats fatigue)

– 20 (YES 20) yearly office visits


What are your hours of service?

Neighborhood Family Clinic (NFC) is normally open Monday through Friday from 8am – 5pm. NFC is happy to schedule appointments on Saturday and Sunday for members when available.  Appointments can be made by calling us at 865-617-4663.