February is HEART Month and recently Neighborhood Family Clinic (NFC) in Maryville, Tennessee was able to help save a patient’s life and prevented a MAJOR HEART ATTACK.

A couple weeks ago one of our patients came in noting some mild chest discomfort that morning at work.  After a quick assessment, we concluded that his discomfort was cardiac in nature and he was immediately started in on appropriate medications.  NFC was able to quickly get him evaluated with a treadmill stress test which showed changes indicative of significant coronary artery disease or blockages in the small arteries that feed the heart muscle oxygen.

Luckily for the patient, he did not yet have a major heart attack.  His “cardiac squeeze” or ejection fraction was still very good.  Further testing proved that the patient had multiple critical blockages and he was then urgently sent to a cardiac surgeon who was able to fix the coronary artery blockages.  We were very excited to see him in clinic this week for follow-up where we gave him a BIG HUG.

NFC provides HIGH QUALITY health care AND AFFORDABLE health care.  Most of our labs are ~$20 and most scheduled visits are $49.

Our medical provider, Michael Nowak, DMS, PA-C has significant experience as a primary care provider.  He enjoys providing free medical care in the poor mountain villages of Guatemala each year, and interestingly, has experience working in cardiac surgery including at the Mayo Clinic.

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