NFC: Home of the $49 Medical Visit

Neighborhood Family Clinic

Neighborhood Family Clinic (NFC) is a full service Medical Family Practice Clinic with the mission of helping all people with health, medical, and wellness concerns. Millions of Americans are without health insurance, and even more are under-insured. Many of those who are insured face very large deductibles and increasing co-payment costs. Others are ineligible for county, state, or federal assistance programs. Our goal is to provide quality medical care at a significantly reduced rate in an effort to meet a growing need.

A Wide Variety of Services

NFC offers a wide variety of services including evaluation and treatment of acute and chronic problems, prescription refills, procedures, lab testing and MORE!

Most Affordable Pricing

NFC will help you save significant time and money as compared to going to an ER or Urgent Care. Did you know that the average cost of stitches in the ER is $500 – NFC will save you HUNDREDS!

Quality care and service

Neighborhood Family Clinic (NFC) is dedicated to providing you the highest quality care at the most affordable price. We realize there is a significant problem with our national health system including long wait times and overinflated pricing. We believe that no patient should every have to pay the average Emergency Room visit cost for non-life-threatening illness of $1,883 just to walk in their door.

Virtual and Home Visits

Neighborhood Family Clinic (NFC) is here to help you whether you only need to come in once a year for a sinus infection or if you need more frequent visits for medical concerns. Established patients in our clinic receive additional benefits if needed including virtual and/or home visits. Ask us more about this at your first visit.